What is vertical transfer?

Graduates of 2-year vocational schools issuing an associate degree diploma may be transferred to the respective 4-year programs of the university they graduated from or of other universities on condition that they meet the requirements and if they succeed in the “Vertical Transfer Examination” (DGS) given by ÖSYM, and get the undergraduate diploma of that department. DGS may be taken 3 times the most. Candidates to apply for DGS must have graduated maximum five years before at the time of application.

According to Ankara University Regulation on Associate and Undergraduate Degrees Education, the transfer in question is made based on “Regulation on Undergraduate Education of Graduates of Vocational School and Open University Associate Degree Programs” by the respective faculty/college board of directors.

Lateral Transfer

Lateral transfers to our faculty are made as per “Regulation on Transfer, Double Major, and Minor Programs between Associate Degree and Undergraduate Programs among Higher Education Institutions and Transfer of Credits among Institutions” by the board of directors. Vertical transfer students placed by ÖSS shall apply to Ankara University Department of Students Affairs, and lateral transfer students shall apply to the deanery. Ankara University Senate criteria are applied for the acceptance of students.