For the better use of existing limited resources, “Principles for Supporting Domestic Scientific Activities for 2015” were defined as follows with the decision dated 22/12/2014 and no. 45/584 by the Board of Directors of our faculty.

 For appointments, scientific activities that have an organization and scientific committee, a high level domestic and international participation and a referee review.

 Appointments shall be in the forms of poster presentation, verbal statement or guest speaker.

 Academic members can benefit from this support once in a year.

 If the report to be submitted has been prepared by more than one academic member, financial support for the presentation shall be given for only one academic member.

 Financial support shall not be given for participation in scientific activities as an audience.

 The amounts of support to be given for appointment in domestic scientific activities are specified by the Board of Directors of the Faculty every year.

 These support principles shall be in force as of 01/01/2015.