Faculty of Engineering is a young but deep-rooted faculty dating back to 1930s established with the getting together of Departments of Electronics, Physics, Geophysics, Geology and Chemistry Engineering in 2001, all of which were previously within the body of the Faculty of Science. To this structure, Department of Computer Engineering was added in 2001, and Department of Food Engineering, which was previously within the body of Faculty of Agriculture, was added in 2003. In addition to all these, with the decision dated 29/03/2012 of the Higher Education Executive Board, Departments of Mechanical Engineering, Construction Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Environmental Engineering were established, with the decision dated 02/04/2013 of the same board, Department of Energy Engineering was established within the body of our faculty.

With its quality teaching-researching staff and extensive practice opportunities, Faculty of Engineering prepares its students to solve the problems of the future and conducts authentic research. It is an institution that performs applied training with its 209 academic member and 3381 students, and trains personnel for the industry. In this age of ours where science develops at an enormous speed, new information and technologies are produced every single day. It is our duty as engineers to monitor and transfer the progress in science, and to contribute in scientific improvements by performing scientific studies. Universities have a great part in catching the level of contemporary civilizations as pointed out by the Great Atatürk as universities are the locomotives of improvement. The shares and responsibilities of especially engineers in such improvement is more substantial. Engineers undertake the most important roles in various million dollar projects from construction to genetics, from computer and electronic technologies to space studies for the development of the mankind.

An engineer is the person who designs by making use of science and mathematics for the solution of the real problem. To be a good engineer, learning is not enough; one needs to know, and learn to use the knowledge. And this means to understand a topic, have a good command of the topic, question, and thus produce new ideas in real terms. Learning and studying with the realization of the fact that knowledge is power is more significant in creative occupations such as engineering.

Within this scope, the primary objective of our faculty is to reach the highest level in engineering education, to have a high standard in our contributions to the science and technology of engineering, and to offer interdisciplinary, practical and high quality education that can be adapted to the life of the day.

For the achievement of the objective in question, at our faculty, technology is widely used; practical and experimental education is attached great importance as our faculty is equipped with laboratories and other technological equipment; great effort has been spent to re-enforce the research laboratories and educational infrastructure in the short period of time since the day it was established, and within this framework, improvement, construction and arrangement of the classrooms, laboratories and computer rooms has been given priority for modern education. Acquisition of not only technical skills but also social skills has been aimed. To this end, social activities are supported and students are encouraged to take part in such activities.

Our faculty will continue its success with the strength it receives from its qualified graduates; students with high goals; experienced, young, dynamic and internationally educated academic staff and distinguished personnel. I would like extend my sincere thanks to all the academic and administrative staff and our students who all have efforts in this success.

Best regards.

Prof. Dr. Aziz Tekin