Food, Geological and Chemical Engineering Departments of our faculty were visited by the Association of Engineering Education Programs Evaluation and Accreditation (MÜDEK) between 11-13 March 2018 and evaluated within the scope of MÜDEK accreditation criteria.

The Accreditation for The Undergraduate Program (30% English) of Chemical Engineering, which was previously granted for 2 years until September 30, 2018, has been extended for 3 years until the next general evaluation date of 30 September 2021 and the program was given the EUR-ACE (Bachelor) tabel for 3 years.

The Accreditations for Food (30 % English) and Geology Engineering Undergraduate Programs were granted for a period of 2 years until 30 September 2018 before. The Accreditations were extended on conditional basis for 1 year until September 30, 2019 and the programs were given EUR-ACE (Bachelor) tabel for 1 year.