President: Oğuzhan TAŞCI (Department of Computer Engineering)

Ankara University Faculty of Engineering Students Delegation’s fundamental reason of existence is to conduct studies for the training of questioning, researching, producing, planning and sharing engineers who have adopted lifelong learning, accepted wisdom and science as guides, internalized freedom of opinion, conscience and knowledge with strong social skills, who are interested in sports and arts, are equipped with the requirements of the time and have social sensitivity and citizen consciousness in order to take the Republic Of Turkey, which is a democratic, secular and social state of law, over the level of contemporary civilizations in the light of the principles and reforms of the great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.


The objectives of Ankara University Faculty of Engineering Students Delegation is to approach all the students it represents indiscriminatingly in terms of language, race, color, gender, political view, philosophical belief, religion, sect and etc. as required by its essential duties; to forward students’ problems regarding education, health, social life and other topics to the related administrative units; to participate in authorized committee meetings to offer suggestions for the solution of problems; to defend students’ rights on democratic and legal grounds; to encourage students to carry out post-graduate education as a support to training of scientists; to organize socio-cultural and scientific activities with high added value by determining priorities and opportunities; to share the perspectives and projects required for the faculty to better-serve future generations and to take the top rank as it deserves with the administrative units; to establish a bridge of communication between the students, academic staff and administrative units and for sound relations; to contribute in the formation of the awareness of being a part of the university; to conduct career planning studies to increase internship and job opportunities; to organize information conferences to quicken the adaptation process of new students; to contribute in the proceeding of studies directed towards their fields of interest to support student communities; to perform sustainable and continuous studies that will enhance society-university relations and that will serve the society; to improve the institutional identity of Students Delegation and make it serve better, and to adopt manners that are worthily of the history of Ankara University in all fields.

BölümüAdı SoyadıE-Posta
Faculty RepresentativeOğuzhan TAŞÇ
Department of Computer EngineeringOğuzhan TAŞÇ
Department of Biomedical EngineeringCeren
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering--
Department of Energy EngineeringMustafa
Department of Physics EngineeringDevran Ceng ÇELİ
Department of Food EngineeringBüşra
Department of Geophysics EngineeringAli GENÇ
Department of Geological EngineeringMustafa GÖ
Department of Chemical EngineeringYusuf