The third meeting of the faculty meetings in order to provide high quality interdisciplinary research and projects was held on 12.01.2017 in Teknokent Conference Hall hosted by Faculty of Engineering with the participation of three faculty members from the Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Science and Faculty of Medicine.

Following the opening speech made by Prof. Dr. Aziz TEKİN, Dean of Engineering Faculty, Head of Geophysics Engineering Department Prof. Dr. M. Emin CANDANSAYAR, Head of Biomedical Engineering Department Dr. Serpil TAKAÇ, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering lecturer Assoc. Dr. Asım Egemen YILMAZ, Department of Chemical Engineering lecturer Assoc. Dr. Ayşe KARAKEÇİLİ and Department of Physics Engineering lecturer Assoc. Dr. Presented by Turan OLĞAR made presentations.

At the end of the event, faculty members and companies in cooperation with Teknokent have found the opportunity to coalesce with the given cocktail.

Thank Technology Transfer Office (TTO) for their valuable contribution.



Prof. Dr. M. Emin CANDANSAYAR (Department of Geophysical Engineering)

Prof. Dr. Serpil TAKAÇ (Department of Biomedical Engineering)

Assoc. Dr. Asım Egemen YILMAZ (Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering)

Assoc. Dr. Ayşe KARAKEÇİLİ (Department of Chemical Engineering)

Assoc. Dr. Turan OLĞAR (Department of Physics Engineering)